Packaging Line Control Engineering for Leading Lab, Ireland

Pharmaceutical Success Story 8
Business Case
  • Customer wanted an automation solution for its Intraocular Lenses (IOL) Packaging Line Control System at their Facility
  • The processes includes Packaging – Cartoners, wrapper, pick – place sorter, case packer and QC
Systems and Tools
  • 1756-L62 ControlLogix processor with 2MB memory
  • Proficy Fix Ver5.0 SCADA System in a Client Server Architecture
  • PLC has 4 Ethernet cards one card for each cell PLC connection
  • Barcode readers and vision systems, The barcode readers communicate over Ethernet to the LCS PLC
  • MS SQL Server Data Management
  • Microsoft .NET Technologies, XML
Project Scope
  • Develop system design and prototype – preparation of design documents FDS, FAT Protocols, Test Instructions
  • Develop PLC and SCADA application for the system
  • SQL database design & development
  • Internal Testing, Pre FAT and FAT for the system
  • Extended Commissioning Support
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