Data acquisition for OPC Connectivity / MES interface solution provides true process visibility by data collection and time series data optimization. Islands of automation across plant tied together without compromising data resolution. OPC connectivity & MES enablement solution provides a window into all manufacturing operations.

Sarla Tech Solution OPC-Connectivity

Solution Features

  • Enhanced data governance and security
  • Fit for purpose scalability
  • Improving processes across the business
  • Foundational Platform that enables tools for Advanced Analysis, Work process management, Operational Excellence & More
  • Scalability from isolated sensor to company wide integration

In- depth understanding of communication and interoperability platform helps us in delivering on the OPC enablement need. Integration of various shop floor systems, such as PLC, DCS, Weigh scale, Controller, Energy Meter etc, enables single communication gateway to our customer MES/IT system. We have experience in interfacing with world’s leading MES and ERP other IT systems and hence can provide vendor neutral systems

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