SAP MII solution is a result of our unique combination of expertise viz. Automation, IT and Enterprise Connectivity.

SAP MII solution helps us to streamline and synchronize manufacturing operations of our customers by connecting plant floor systems to enterprise systems, thus giving single window visibility for plant floor operations.

Sarla Tech Solution - MII

Solution Features

  • Comparative insights from the operations and performance of the assets, equipment’s, resources and plants
  • Enabling real-time views into the “make” portion of the supply chain to enable better decision making and available to promise (ATP) capabilities
  • Directly supporting the wireless revolution allowing employees, customers and supply chain partners to monitor critical information through personal digital assistants(PDAs), phones and other internet appliances
  • Helps reducing downtime maintenance via better diagnostics and repair thus enhancing OEE
  • Colation, Filtration, Centrifugation, Precipitation & Heating process
  • Benchmarking of production in relation to actual output as well as targeted output & Quality

SAP MII solutions creates tremendous value for organization by

  • Improving plant visibility to identifying bottlenecks
  • Provides real-time view of data for informed decision making
  • Reduction in wastage as result of reduced decision-making time
  • Realized lower total cost of ownership
  • Drive to business strategy

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