Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is one of the most powerful tools for improving manufacturing efficiency and operational effectiveness. The MES systems are paramount for manufacturing excellence for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Werum IT Solutions’ PAS-X platform, content, and services have together formed a potent MES solution that has provided incremental benefits to global pharmaceutical companies. Current pharmaceutical Compliance ecosystem calls for a structured analysis of every element of pharma manufacturing ecosystem. The PAS-X is a matured software with unprecedented speed. It strikes a fine balance between performance, compliance quality and efficiency.

Werum’s PAS-X MES enables pharmaceutical facilities to run manufacturing processes completely paperless at the highest level and to be compliant with international GMP guidelines and FDA regulations. The requirements of the pharma industry are directly addressed by Werum’s out-of-the-box solution without any need for expensive and time-consuming customization. Based on standard functionality and best practice content, pharma manufacturers will be able to have the number one global MES solution up and running in a very short time.

Sarla Technologies is Werum IT Solutions’ official partner for delivering MES projects across the entire MES lifecycle.