OPC Router enables automated data exchange between various systems such as ERP, MES SAP, PLCs, databases, printers and much more. It acts as a standard middleware and central communication platform for all the systems on the plant floor

Production processes and systems generate enormous amount of data that needs to be transmitted and stored. OPC Router gets that data where it needs to go, acting as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and supporting Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Smooth data transmission aids reporting and analysis and the execution of powerful workflows to increase efficiency and improve quality, while lowering production costs.


Easy-to-use: Simple modern graphical user interface for connection display

Powerful: One software solution for all your industrial systems

Scalable: Only choose the plug-ins you need now – you can add further plug-ins later

History: Recording and visualization of transfers and events

Standardization: Save time and money by avoiding redundant data acquisition

Extensive: Plug-ins for different connection types and for individual extensions

Independence: Create new connections yourself without programming


OPC Router communicates between different systems using plug-ins. Each of these plug-ins can be configured according to the special requirements of your data sources and target systems.

You can then configure workflows across your interconnected manufacturing systems, as per your business needs, to implement your Industry 4.0 initiatives.