Automation Engineering for Swine Flu Vaccine Production, UK

Pharmaceutical Success Story 2
Business Case
  • In the wake of outbreak, Customer wanted to ramp-up production of swine flu vaccines. It entrusted Sarla Technologies to develop a scalable automation solution
  • This is batch process project, developed all sequence by using SFC type and configures in SIMATIC batch, create recipe as per recipe documents.
Systems and Tools
  • Three Siemens automation station are used with 417-4 CPU
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Siemens PCS 7 system PCS7 V7.0
  • Controllers ASS (Main) and OS server Remote I/O (ET200M) by using Profibus
  • SIMATIC Batch
  • Wincc V6.2
Project Scope
  • Develop DCS and SCADA application
  • Server – client configuration
  • Create relevant SCADA graphics for controlling the processes
  • Internal Testing and Software FAT testing
  • Extended Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Support
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