Design to Commision Automation Engineering for an Offshore platform, Egypt

Oil and Gas Success Story 1
Business Case
  • It is located offshore in the Nile Delta in water depth ranging from 14 to 35 meters. New Platform named NA/Q PIII is installed from an existing template
  • It will convey the production up to the existing A/Q PI platform and will be located approximately 3km north of existing NA/Q PII

Systems & Tools


  • DCS: Emerson DeltaV SX Controller
  • SIS (Safety Instrumented System) :- Emerson DeltaV SZ Controller


DeltaV Version 12.3.1

Project Scope
  • Design documentation and function design specification
  • Understanding and developing logic as per the CEM documents
  • Testing the software with graphics
  • Graphics development and modification of the CEM documents, layouts, system architecture and diagnostics screens
  • Worked on CHARMS System of DeltaV SIS System and Upgrade version of 12.3.1 DeltaV DCS System
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