Automated Conveyor System for Webshop, The Netherlands

Industrial Automation Success Story
Business Case
  • Customer intended to have entire automated warehouse to reduce manual operation and increase operational efficiency. Sarla through it’s client was involved in the automation software engineering and commissioning
Systems and Tools
  • PLC: Siemens S7-319-F
  • Software: SIMATIC manager & SIMATIC Flexible to Handheld HMIs
  • King drive, Leuze scanner, CAN bus
  • Standard: Customer Specific Standards
Project Scope
  • Design and Develop PLC application for Conveyor system
  • Testing of generated software with Emulation Software
  • Installation of emulated software on site
  • Testing of electrical, mechanical equipment installed on site
  • Commissioning of conveyor system to the optimum capacity
  • Commissioning of scanners & communication with warehouse management system
  • Site support to ensure training of customer staff & seamless flow of the conveyor line
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