Marriage Line Commissioning for Leading Car Manufacturer in Alabama, USA

Automotive Success Story 10
Business Case
  • Automation of Marriage line chain conveyor (Station 10 to Station 190)
  • Marriage line a chain conveyor transports the skid to the coupling station, where the chassis is married with the car body
Systems and Tools
  • CPU 319F-3 PN/DP & PN/PN couplers
  • ET200S (HF and F modules)
  • KP32F and ET200S (HF and F modules)
  • IPC677C and TP277D
  • Lenze 9400, Lenze Protec 8400
  • FESTO CPX, SICK CLV650-6120
  • Integra Wave 4
Project Scope
  • Power on & initial commissioning, Downloading of PLC & HMI
  • Cold testing & IO testing
  • Estop, Fence gate , safety matrix testing
  • Drives & VFD configuration & parameterization
  • PN-PN Coupler configuration, Manual actions from HMI
  • Interlocks verification, Alarms testing Auto sequence testing
  • 3rd party devices interfacing & Nut runner parameterization
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