Gluing Beed Detection Application Development for Leading Automotive Company, Germany

Software Development Success Story
Business Case
  • Customer intended to develop Middleware application for gluing beed detection on glass surface, this application communicates with Siemens PLC’s, reads Keyence sensor data for further analysis and troubleshooting and send (Read/Mute) commands to sensor on real-time basis based on the instructions from PLC
Systems and Tools
  • C#, Windows Services
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • SignalR, AngularJS, OWIN,Web
  • API, Task Factory
Project Scope
  • Connected devices will receive data from the middleware application using push notification which can be used for visual analysis using trends ,graphs
  • Create windows services to communicate with Keyence and Siemens PLC
  • Send sensor values to connected clients using SignalR
  • Develop Web API and hosting it windows service using OWIN
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