Customized Windows-based Application Development for a Leading Process OEM in Ireland

Software Development Success Story 10
Business Case
    • Leading Automation Solutions provider based out of Europe sought a solution for its engineers that could automate monitoring and control of Hardware creation in Siemens TIA portal.
    • Sarla Technologies developed a customized Windows-based application – Siemens TIA Portal Configurator to automate creation process of Control Modules (CM), PLC block, Devices and Hardware Tag creation, Tag value assignment and AML file upload by using TIA portal openness DLL libraries.
    • TIA Configurator reduced the development efforts and eliminated manual creation of the CMs, thereby, saving time and bringing accuracy into the development projects.
Project Scope
          • Design and Development of a Windows-based application – TIA configurator that automates the process of Control Modules (CM) creation in the Siemens TIA portal.
          • Development of various modules – Open Project, Connect TIA Project, Library, Compare Project, App Settings, Update Projects, Library etc.
          • Application to call Openness API Controller to create hardware and related devices.
          • TIA Configurator to give provision of uploading excel files that contain information on new projects, Devices, Tags, and CMs etc. to create hardware devices, settings, and function blocks in the TIA portal.
Systems and Tools
  • Microsoft C#, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Siemens TIA Portal 17
  • TIA Selection tool
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