Operational excellence starts with understanding and analyzing plant data of our customers, for which we need to collect, store, conceptualize, and visualize real time information. Because availability of the right information to the right people at the right time enables the right decision.

We have expertise in automation solutions and greater insights of shop floor layer. We deliver customer specific reporting solutions for plant data on tools right from MS Excel, Historian, PDF, Crystal report, BI tool and on desktop / Intranet / Internet or Mobile. Our solutions also meet 21CFR Part 11 compliance requirements.

Plant Data Reporting
  • Find hidden capacity, improve plant productivity and efficiency, and increase the company bottom line –

Monitor root cause for downtimes and identify improvement areas to improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) without additional investment in people and material costs

  • Get real time information you can trust to make difficult and important decisions –

Real time plant information delivery enables senior management to make critical decisions quickly and reliably

  • Improve operational quality and efficiency –

Our quality management modules help launch process improvement initiatives like Six Sigma. They also provide Key Production Indicators (KPI) for plant information analysis and feedback

  • Unite disparate information –

Integrate data from other existing systems like ERP, SCM and LIMS and present a unified information front for the entire organization

  • Enable more collaborative production –

Web-based reporting to achieve transparency and accessibility for plant information

  • Ensure corporate accountability –

Comply with regulations like 21 CFR Part 11, electronic signatures, and audit trails

  • Lower total cost of ownership –

Solutions are based on a homogenous software platform, which lowers future integration costs, support, and upgrade cost

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