ATS Inspect

Catch defects. Improve quality. Reduce costs.

What is ATS Inspect?

ATS Inspect is Quality Inspection Software which reduces the costs in your manufacturing processes associated with scrap, rework and warranty claims in two ways:

  • Collects and analyzes attribute data, such as dents and scratches, where defect information is critical to the production of quality parts.
  • Collects and analyzes variable data to ensure that weights, temperatures, torques and any other critical measurements stay within specified limits.

Configurable for Any Industry

ATS Inspect can help improve quality in any manufacturing process in any industry where the collection and analysis of visual defects and variable data is required.

Quality Alerts

No matter where you are ATS Inspect can alert you if serious quality issues arise on your production line. If a quality issue occurs ATS Inspect can relay the required information to the relevant people by e-mail or using static display devices, such as message boards and overhead monitors.

Reporting and Analysis

Data collected by ATS Inspect can be viewed and analyzed using ATS ARS (Advanced Reporting Services). ATS ARS displays real-time quality data in an array of charts and tables.
The web-based reports can be viewed anywhere in the world so that you can monitor performance even while on the road. You can even schedule reports to be generated and sent to the relevant people at regular intervals. Do you need that report on your desk first thing Monday morning? It’ll be there.

Part of the ADOS Suite – Award winning solution

ATS Inspect is part of the award-winning ATS ADOS suite. Frost & Sullivan has recognized ATS International with the Global Award for New Product Innovation for the ATS ADOS (Attribute, Dimensional, Operational and Shared) software suite, which provides customers with reliable data management platforms to support enterprise management solutions.

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