The SAP® xApp™ Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) composite application helps manufacturers become more adaptive by connecting the SAP ERP solution to the plant floor in real time and delivering actionable intelligence to production personnel. It provides both manufacturing intelligence and integration – extending the functionality of the SAP NetWeaver® platform onto the real-time plant floor to significantly lower the total cost of ownership on manufacturing systems infrastructure.

Sarla Technologies provides implementation services for SAP MII based composite applications and works extensively with SAP team to derive Business Value out of such solution in a customer landscape.

The SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII), the world’s first Manufacturing Intelligence Portal, helps companies transform themselves into e-manufacturers by:

  • Plant level Synchronization: A single layer of pre-built connectivity to multiple manufacturing applications to synchronize real-time manufacturing and enterprise business processes at lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Plant level Excellence: Unified, real-time analytics and decision support to enable production personnel to monitor, measure, analyze and control KPIs, for higher productivity and performance
  • SAP MII provides a ‘Shop Floor-to-Top Floor’ integration
  • Web-enabling all existing manufacturing and information systems to provide a common interface to all users in the enterprise
  • Directly supporting the wireless revolution allowing employees, customers, and supply chain partners to monitor critical information through personal digital assistants (PDAs), phones, and other internet appliances

Enabling real-time views into the “make” portion of the supply chain to enable better decision making and available-to-promise (ATP) capabilities.