Customized Software Solution to work as Interface between the ERP system and PCS 7 Batch Control System

Software Development Success Story 9
Business Case
  • A global water-based coatings manufacturer sought a customized software solution to work as a batch parser between the ERP system and SIMATIC PCS 7 Batch control system in its manufacturing unit based in Singapore.
  • A leading Manufacturing IT solution provider chose Sarla Technologies to develop this solution, given our extensive experience and expertise in Batch Control System automation.
Project Scope
  • Development of Software solution to work as a Parser between JDE ERP system and Siemens PCS7 Batch systems.
  • Software solution to perform following functions:
    • Read work order (PCS 7 batch) from ERP (Item No., Start Date, Manufacturing Tank, Batch Size) in xml format.
    • Parse the information for ERP and match it with a Master Recipe which are already created in PCS7 Batch.
    • Send a command/trigger event to create new PCS 7 batch based on the information from ERP.
    • Read the status of the created PCS7 batch.
    • Send an xml file indicating a completion of PCS7 batch to ERP.
  • The Batch Parser provides function calls to:
    • Access to SIMATIC BATCH objects and data.
    • Navigate through SIMATIC BATCH object hierarchies, as well as Create, Update, Delete SIMATIC batch.
    • Fetch Master recipe, existing batches, Batch quantity, Batch start data, Batch status etc.
    • Create output xml files based on status of batch.
    • Send Mail if any error occurs during operation. .
Systems and Tools
    • JDE ERP
    • Microsoft Visual Studio
    • Microsoft Task Scheduler
    • SQLite database
    • C#, NLog, WPF Application
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