BIW Onsite Commissioning Support for One of the Worlds Largest Car Producer, United Kingdom

Automotive and Industrial Automation Success Story
Business Case
  • The nature of the project is BIW Onsite Commissioning of type X260 & X760 Jaguar car in JLR plant (G block)
  • They also wanted us to build underbody of X260 & X760 variant
Systems and Tools
  • Hardware
    • PLC : 1756-L73S Control Logix Safety Controller, safety DO&DI Card
    • HMI : PV1250
    • Drive : SEW MoviPro, Versa
    • Robots : ABB, Fanuc
    • Network Scanner : EN2
Project Scope
  • Develop PLC programming & HMI as per upgrade version of standard given by JLR
  • Extended Production support & error handling while building the parts
  • Production buy off support & training to JLR maintenance for handling the problem while production
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