OEE Monitoring on Ignition 8.1 SCADA for a N95 masks manufacturing unit in the USA

Digital Transformation Success Story
Business Case
  • A Multinational Conglomerate wanted to implement IIoT solutions for one of its N95 mask manufacturing unit located in the USA.  Sarla Technologies was chosen by a global IT company to provide scalable end-to-end data connectivity solution from plant floor to analytics platform including OEE dashboard development.
  • The project involved:
    • Data aggregation from multiple plants at central location.
    • OEE dashboard development and alarm monitoring at central location.
    • OEE calculation for each machine in the plant.
    • Integration of central data aggregator with Analytics software (using Kafka) to share plant data.
Systems and Tools
    • Ignition 8.1
    • Ignition SDK
    • IIoT – Cirrus Link MQTT modules
      (Distributor, Engine and Transmitter)
    • Matrikon Flex Dispatch Data broker
    • Kafka
Project Scope
  • Installation and configuration of Matrikon OPC Broker to facilitate data transfer between Plant PLCs and Onsite Ignition Gateway.
  • Installation and configuration of Cirrus Link MQTT Transmission module on Onsite Ignition gateway to publish data to the Enterprise Ignition gateway.
  • Installation and Configuration of Cirrus Link MQTT Engine and Distributor module at the Enterprise Ignition gateway to receive data from multiple plants.
  • Custom development of OEE calculation engine on Ignition platform using python scripting, tags & transaction module.
  • OEE dashboard development and implementation of OEE calculation engine for each machine in the plant at Enterprise Ignition Gateway.
  • Custom Ignition module development for converting data into Json format to transfer it using kafka stream.
  • Integration between Enterprise Ignition gateway and client’s analytics platform for data analysis.
  • End-to-end data connectivity from plant floor to analytics platform with scalable model.
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