ASRS Integrated Warehouse Automation for a Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer in Netherlands

Material Handling Success Story 9
Business Case
  • Leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer based out of Netherlands wanted to setup an Automated Warehouse integrated with ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System).
  • A global intralogistics technology major chose Sarla Technologies to deliver Automation Engineering services for ASRS integration with Warehouse Automation at the end user’s greenfield project.
  • Application – Logistic handling & storage of semiconductor devices (PCB’s)
  • Processes involved:
    • Inbound line
    • Outbound line

    • Picking zone
    • Storage with ASRS


Systems and Tools
  • Siemens 1500 PLC
  • Number of PLC’s – 11
  • Number of IO’s- 10,000
  • Designer SCADA V4.3
  • Siemens TIA Portal V15
  • Leuze safety gate devices
  • Drives Lenze
  • Scanner – SICK
  • Robot – Fanuc
  • Vision system – Cognex
Project Scope
  • Develop PLC application for Conveyor system
  • Testing of generated software with Emulation Software
  • Installation of emulated software on site
  • Testing of electrical, mechanical equipment installed on site
  • Commissioning of conveyor system to the optimum capacity
  • Commissioning of scanners & communication with warehouse management system
  • Site support to ensure training of customer staff & seamless flow of the conveyor line
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