Metering & Proving Control for Oil & Gas Plant

Energy Power Success Story 7
Business Case
  • Customer intended to develop the control system for flow of fluids in different sections in the plant
  • The expectation from project was to schedule the batches and provide monitoring functionalities for the entire batch
Systems and Tools
  • C#.NET 3.5. Windows Services,
  • Win Forms
  • Asp .NET (3.5), Ajax
  • Silverlight (3.0)
  • SQL Server 2005
  • OPC Server Interfacing
  • Multithreading
Project Scope
  • Develop OPC interfacing with OPC server which can communicate and number of instances will be managed
  • System Architecture and database designing
  • Develop WCF service to provide real time data for remote monitoring
  • Creating Assemblies and Libraries for SCADA and SQL Server integration
  • Real time monitoring and trending of flow between pump stations
  • Develop reports using SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Service)
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