Production Monitoring & OEE Dashboard development for Special Purpose Machines at a Leading Automotive Valve Manufacturer in Europe

Automotive Success Story 11
Business Case
  • KPI, OEE Analysis
  • Identify Discrepancies and potentials for optimisations
  • Calculate Actual count, Rework count and Scrap count for assembly line
  • Log rework and scrap reasons as per machines
  • Show live Actual, rework and scrap count per hourly per shift basis
  • Calculate Plan count as per break time enter by operator on screen
Systems and Tools
  • Ignition SCADA (Version 7.9.7)
  • MSSQL database (SQL 17)
  • Machines: 11 Database machines
  • 5 PLC machines and 1 machine for future = Total 17
  • Reporting Module
  • SQL Bridge Module
  • Tag Historian Module
  • Ignition Standard Licence
Project Scope
  • KPI, OEE Dashboard development, testing
  • Analyze and modify transaction groups
  • Analyze and update stored procedures for Count, Break and Comment issue
  • Create global scripts for event-based data recording at source
  • Analyze and modify Expression on tags, event script
  • Analyze and design timer base to event base trigger system
  • Reports generation


Team Size

Offsite Development 3 Engineers

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