At Sarla Technologies, we provide IT enabled smart manufacturing solutions, which help customers to streamline and optimize operations, increase productivity, make informed decisions based on data analysis, shorten cycle time, and reduce cost thus improving their return on investment. These solutions are based on world leading product platform combined with our strong technical & domain knowledge and years of international experience. We enable products to work exactly as per the manufacturing and operator requirements of our customers and not the other way around!

Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence

SAP MII solution is a result of our unique combination of expertise viz. Automation, IT and Enterprise Connectivity. SAP MII solution helps us to streamline and synchronize manufacturing operations of our customers by connecting plant floor systems to enterprise systems, thus giving single window visibility for plant floor operations.Read more

OPC connectivity/MES Enablement Solutions

Data acquisition for OPC connectivity/MES interface solution provides true process visibility by data collection and time series data optimization. Islands of automation information across plant tied together without compromising data resolution. OPC connectivity/MES enablement solution provides a window into all manufacturing operations.Read more

Plant Data Reporting, Monitoring & MIS Solutions

Operational excellence starts with understanding and analyzing plant data of our customers, for which we need to collect, store, conceptualize, and visualize real time information. Because availability of the right information to the right people at the right time enables the right decision.Read more

Batch Management

Our batch automation solutions are geared to make batch plants work faster, and increase efficiency. By closely controlling and monitoring batch execution processes, our batch automation solutions not only improve consistency of performance, but also generate a documented knowledge base for continuous feedback and improvement of the plant.Read more

Werum PAS-X Pharma MES Solution

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is one of the most powerful tools for improving manufacturing efficiency and operational effectiveness. The MES systems are paramount for manufacturing excellence for Pharmaceutical industry.Read more

SCADA Systems

We have the honour of being one of the first SCADA Solution provider in India and now have years of experience and capability to offer SCADA systems for varied industries including Pharmaceutical, Metal, Cement, Infrastructure, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, etc.Read more

Process Optimization

We offer solution with a powerful analytical tool that utilizes leading-edge techniques to extract knowledge from existing historical process and manufacturing plant data. These tools are used off-line to identify causes for production problems and identify the opportunity for preventing these problems in the future.Read more