Sarla Technologies is a Global Software Solutions Business Partner of GE Digital for providing state of the art Industrial Automation, Data & Analytics Solution

GE Digital helps companies to optimize their assets and equipment and drive key business outcomes with proven technology solutions. Sarla has a well-known expertise in GE Digital’s Proficy range of products which are designed specifically to help customers improve productivity and reduce their operating costs



  • Powerful Distributed, Client/Server Architecture
  • Faster System Development and Deployment
  • Application Integration
  • Extensive Functionality

With well proven technology that drives results, Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX is the smart choice for industrial automation. Many of the largest and most successful companies around the world rely on GE’s Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX for the comprehensive monitoring, analysis, control and distribution of their plant-wide data. It helps make faster, better business decisions by collecting, analyzing, and sharing critical production data across your enterprise


  • Rapid ROI
  • A safe investment for the future
  • Electronic Signatures and Audit trails
  • Increased collaboration through thin and mobile
  • Seamless integration with Proficy workflow to guide your operators based on real-time events
  • Shorter time to solution
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Proficy Historian


Its salient features include fast speed, superior performance and exceptional connectivity and enables you to

    • Increase Your Process Visibility
    • Improve Process Across Your Business
    • High Data Compression

Proficy Historian from GE Digital is a powerful plant-wide data historian that collects archives and distributes tremendous volumes of real time plant floor process information at extremely high speeds. Built specifically for manufacturing and process data acquisition and presentation, Proficy Historian enables you to leverage increased process visibility for better and faster decisions, increased productivity and reduced costs.


  • Built-in Data Collection
  • Fast Read/Write Performance Speeds
  • High Data Compression
  • Robust Redundancy for High Availability
  • Quick Time to Value
  • Enhanced Data Security

Proficy Real Time Information Portal


  • Manufacturing Intelligence Framework
  • Time-based Data Analysis
  • Graphical Presentation
  • Common Web Client

Proficy* Real-Time Information Portal is GE Digital’s real-time manufacturing intelligence application, allowing you to gain business insight from all of your plant data in real time. This powerful application is an incredible resource for your business, providing visibility into plant floor operations. It enables real-time decision support and continuous process improvement, and enhances the return on your current and future IT investments. Proficy Portal provides a web-based solution that integrates all of your online and process based systems with plant-wide connectivity, analysis, and visualization components.


  1. Combine the client functions
  2. Proficy HMI/SCADA
  3. Sophisticated web-based portal and cockpit

Enterprise-wide Quality

  1. Variable SPC charts
  2. Control chart alerts
  3. Quick Reports for drill dow

Manufacturing Software

Production Execution and Performance Management
  • Manage objectives
  • Drive activity execution
  • Capture reality
  • Monitor compliance
  • Communicate
  • Capture explanations
  • Analyze and report
  • Evolve and improve

Proficy manufacturing software enables holistically optimizing and balancing the interrelated operating priorities in manufacturing, across many industries and many production process styles.

Proficy Manufacturing software automates and integrates the information-related activities for managing production execution and performance optimization holistically, helping you balance the tradeoffs across the many competing priorities of production operations.

  • Automating and integrating the information and related activities for managing production execution and performance optimization
  • Order Execution Management software for high-volume, high-variability environments to drive lean manufacturing and real time ERP integration.
  • Anticipate, collaborate and orchestrate responses to dynamic operational conditions with greater agility and precision in high-value engineer-to-order and build-to-order manufacturing