Design & Implementation of LIMS Solution using SAP MII for a leading Pharma company in India

Food and Beverage Success Story 10
Business Case
  • Customer is a leading Pharma group and has state of the art Formulation Development centre housing competence to develop products with a focus on NDDS intended for integrated quality equipment built on SAP MI
Systems and Tools
  • SAP MI
Service Methodology
  • Enhanced control on plant floor operations and systems.
  • Improved efficiency and performance.
  • Better visibility into the operations.
  • We designed  the system Integrating with Lab instruments for data collection ,analysis and to increase automation and reduce data entry error
Project Scope
  • We developed ECC ,shop floor processes system integrated with LIMS.
  • We analyzed  the process and executed laboratory  process to ensure compliance to standard operating procedures (SOP)  and reduce  learning time and errors.