Connect. Know. Empower.

ATS Bus is a Manufacturing Service Bus that will empower the data within your manufacturing environment so that you’re ready for the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Data Contextualisation

One of the key benefits of ATS Bus is the way it adds metadata to your data. By adding the context of how the data was collected in a standardized format data analytics engines are able to turn your data into information. This will allow you to attain knowledge about your plant that will lead to the wisdom required to develop predictive and intelligent agents for automated decision making.

Secure Connections

For secure environments ATS Bus can use secure connections. It can also check the “known good” against defined schemas ensuring, that from endpoint to endpoint, your data is in safe hands.

Built-in Resilience

ATS Bus also comes with built-in resilience as it “buffers” data locally and utilizes handshakes to ensure every piece of data arrives at its destination safe and sound. This will give you peace of mind that network latency issues and power outages won’t mean you lose data.

Monitor Data Exchanges

ATS Bus will allow you to remotely monitor all of your data exchanges so that you can keep track of the health of your system, monitor for processing errors, send failed messages for reprocessing and make sure that all of your specific environment’s needs are met.

Accelerate New Product Introduction

The flexibility of ATS Bus will even help you to accelerate new product introduction as it can easily distribute your centrally managed work instructions, machine instructions, recipes, and robot and CNC programs, in the shortest time possible.

Centrally Managed – Locally Decided

Some traditional IT systems and architectures can appear slow. This is generally due to servers being centrally located with the network delaying the messages going back and forth. With ATS Bus the data within the entire plant is available at every location enabling intelligent agents to make decisions locally.

This form of automated, predictive control is just one example of the many uses that ATS Bus can find for your data.