Our batch automation solutions are geared to make batch plants work faster, and increase efficiency. By closely controlling and monitoring batch execution processes, our batch automation solutions not only improve consistency of performance, but also generate a documented knowledge base for continuous feedback and improvement of the plant.

Solution features
  • Custom solutions for every client based on GE Intelligent Platform Automation’s S88 compliant batch and MES software platform
  • Address audit or regulatory compliance requirements like FDA, CFR Part 11, or Recipe control procedures
  • Scalable and tightly integrated systems compatible with any control system (DCS/PLC) and ERP systems in your existing infrastructure

MES solutions from Sarla Technologies are designed to make real-time business sense from plant data. They help organizations leverage existing investments in plant automation to increase productivity, improve process flow, lower costs, shorten cycle times, reduce total defects and improve the ROI. We work with world’s leading MES/MOM solution platform to provide solution which delivers the critical production insight for cost control; quality control and speedy production. Solution provides holistic performance management, so you can efficiently balance the competing aspects of production. Key highlights include,

Solution features
  • Open and Layered Architecture
  • Integrated Modular Applications on a Common Data Model
  • Powerful Analytical and Reporting Capabilities
  • Scalable from a Single Machine to Multiple Plants
  • Extensible Using Standard Tools
  • Supports A Mix of Different Production Processes
  • Tracking Genealogy, Quality & Operating Performance Across Site or Business