Enterprise S-LIMS


The Enterprise S-LIMS is the world’s first and only LIMS application to be certified by SAP® to be integrated with its SAP-MII and SAP-QM suites.

The enterprise S-LIMS works with SAP MII and SAP QM to record, track and monitor entire information related to laboratory operations. It extracts information related to laboratory personnel, samples, inventory, etc. directly from the SAP MII and SAP QM modules and is integrated in organizations’ SAP systems. It updates the data on central SAP servers on real-time basis.

The Enterprise S-LIMS leverages the information streams from SAP® and enables seamless laboratory knowledge management. The Enterprise S-LIMS helps in improving the proficiency of Laboratory and integration with overall enterprise data system.

Any update to your SAP records I terms of chemist data, sample information, inventory codes, quality check, external vendors, etc. will be automatically reflected in the Enterprise S-LIMS.

The Enterprise S-LIMS has a very short implementation timeline. The S-LIMS application leverages the libraries in SAP-MII and SAP-QM to optimize implementation timelines for the application.