S-LIMS is Sarla Technologies’ flagship offering for Laboratory Information Management System (S-LIMS).

The S-LIMS provides Single access window for management of samples, users, tests, instruments and all laboratories functions. It empowers laboratory personnel to record, track and analyze all data associated with the samples and tests. It is specifically designed for quality control laboratory and includes research and development labs, in-process testing labs, quality assurance labs and more.
The S-LIMS is a highly configurable tool to impart standardization, modularization and process compliance in day-to-day laboratory activities. It is specifically designed to help laboratories comply with global regulatory ecosystem. It covers all tests, sample analyses, records, reports, inspections and other activities in the laboratory.
It is a unique IT-enabled application that can integrate with 20+ different types of laboratory equipment can extract vital information from them and directly feed in the centralized S-LIMS application.
The S-LIMS allows multiple locations to be synchronized with same data set. It also allows laboratories to integrate their Order To Pay (O2P) process with central enterprise management system thereby reducing time for invoice processing and tracking.
The S-LIMS is available in two variants- Enterprise E-LIMS and Web S-LIMS

Enterprise S-LIMS

The Enterprise S-LIMS is the world’s first and only LIMS application to be certified by SAP® to be integrated with its SAP-MII and SAP-QM suites. The enterprise S-LIMS works with SAP MII and SAP QM to record, track and monitor entire information related to laboratory operations. It extracts information related to laboratory personnel, samples, inventory, etc. directly from the SAP MII and SAP QM modules and is integrated in organizations’ SAP systems. It updates the data on central SAP servers on real-time basis.