Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a testimony to the highest regards we at Sarla Technologies have for our visitor’s information. It establishes the guidelines for information collection and processing at Sarla Technologies.

  1. Sarla Technologies take full ownership of personal information shared by the visitor and in no way will divulge it to third parties or unsolicited entities.
  2. The visitor sharing the designated information (Name, Email ID, Contact Number, CV, comments, etc.) through the various visitor engagement windows is doing so at the sole discretion and with an intent to share his or her information with Sarla Technologies
  3. The visitors by virtue of sharing their information also allows Sarla Technologies to store the same in organization’s internal databases. This information can be used, processed and managed by Sarla Technologies and its affiliates (present and future)
  4. If the visitor does not enter information marked with ‘*’, the mandatory field; Sarla Technologies may not be able to process the said request
  5. Sarla Technologies may (at its sole discretion) use the information provided by the user to send promotional messages, notifications, career options, services and solutions etc. to the user
  6. Sarla Technologies will maintain the information shared by the visitors for a period of maximum 10 years. This duration may be changed at the sole discretion of Sarla Technologies
  7. Sarla Technologies believes in having an updated dataset. If there is a change in the visitor’s personal information (at a future date), Sarla Technologies will expect the visitor to notify the organization by sending an email to about the updates. Failing this, Sarla Technologies will continue to presume the first-shared contact
  8. By virtue of sharing the information, the visitor allows Sarla Technologies to connect with the visitor for subsequent discussion, further clarification, business or career opportunities, etc.
  9. Any connect established by Sarla Technologies with the visitor on the grounds of information shared through Sarla Technologies’ website will not be deemed unsolicited
  10. Sarla Technologies will not be responsible for accidental data leakages due to phishing attacks, virus attacks and/or digital theft from Sarla Technologies’ website
  11. However, in case any such instance of digital theft is realized by Sarla Technologies and/or brought to notice of the organization, we will notify the entire visitor database about the event and due precautions to be taken thereafter by the visitor
  12. Sarla Technologies may trace your digital footprint for tracking the number of visitors to the website, average stay by visitor on the page, site’s digital performance, et. Al. The visitor by visiting our website, allows us to capture/ track/ trace the digital footprint
  13. Sarla Technologies may disclose the visitor information if required by law or for any legal procedures and the due requirements that may arise in a similar context. Any such disclosure will be done in good faith and not with an intention to malign the visitor/ entity
  14. Sarla Technologies website may use/ uses ‘cookies’ to fetch information about the search patterns of the visitor. Such cookies wil not harm the visitors’ systems, however, the visitor may choose an option to accept or reject sharing the cookies
  15. Sarla Technologies reserves the right to change the privacy policy without any prior notification and at its sole discretion. We request the visitors to check this policy periodically for any updates

All privacy policies/ legal matters/ queries/ requests related to the website must be addressed at Sarla Technologies, 1019, 10th Floor, Rupa Solitaire, Sector-1, Millenium Business Park, Mahape, Navi Mumbai- 400 710

Legal Terms

  1. The information, write-up, content, material, services, solutions and products are made available to the visitor on ‘As-Is’ and ‘As-Available’ basis. Sarla

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