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MES for BATCH and Recipe Management
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Proficy Production & Solution

Streamlining SAP Batch Manufacturing and Plant Floor Execution

Sarla Technologies is a Solution Partner for Performix, Inc. USA for their next generation MES solution xMES®Software Suite.

The Performix xMES® Suite was developed to complement SAP by leveraging core ERP master data and extending the functionality to complete the MES batch management solution. Without creating any additional conflict points, Performix provides composite applications that enables the standardization of manufacturing processes across plants and streamlines process order execution including integration with devices on the plant floor.

Created to accelerate manufacturing visibility and control, this “Out-of- the-Box ”solution consists of 3 core components including  xRecipe™ for SAP Recipe Editing and Management; xMES®, the Recipe Execution engine; and xBatch™, the Batch Execution Historian. These components combined with SAP ERP and existing plant automation infrastructure encompass the entire Batch Manufacturing Lifecycle - from Recipe Creation and Management through plant floor execution and post batch analysis.

We provide Deployment & Integration solutions on the xMES®Software Suite thus streamlining your SAP Batch Manufacturing & Plant Floor Execution. With our vast experience in integrating & connecting disparate systems with plant hierarchy right from shop floor to enterprise level we help you streamline & synchronize your plant operations.

Key Benefits:

Performix xRecipeTM - SAP Recipe Editing and Management

Performix xRecipe™ provides an interactive graphical drag-and-drop interface that allows Process Engineers and Recipe Authors to create or edit SAP Master Recipes. Once completed, Recipes are up­loaded back into SAP for the system of record where versioning, approval and production usage is utilized.

Edit SAP Master Recipe using Drag and Drop interface, and Templatized Phases & Operations

Create/Edit Phase and Operation Templates, Recipe Parameters and Formula, Resource Requirements

Upload the Created/Edited Master Recipe to SAP

xMES® - Execution engine

Performix xMES® serves as the “execution engine” for coordinating the completion of SAP Process Orders by Supervisors, Operators and Automation equipment on the plant floor. xMES® leverage the entire SAP landscape for manufac­turing execution - from PP/PI, MII, MM, QM, and PM.

This has 2 UI’s - The xMES® Next Gen Operator UI & xMES® Supervisor UI. The xMES® Next Gen Operator UI was designed “by operators for opera­tors” and delivers single-click access to critical information required during execution.

The xMES® Supervisor UI is a web-based UI that enables  visibility of ALL process orders running in the plant as well as facilitating shift changes and order hand-offs.

Download Process Order and Master Data from SAP (B2MML/S95 compliant SAP MII Transaction)

Automation System integration via OPC, Business System integration via WebServices

Integration with SAP PP, PP-PI, MM, QM & PM

xBATCHTM - Batch Execution Historian

Captures critical information during the execution of a Process Order, such as batch details, material consumption, yield, scrap, resources used, deviations, recipes versions, etc. which is a critical requirement for detailed batch analysis for achieving the “Golden Batch”.Complies with regulatory requirements of 21 CFR Part 11  and Supports ISA S88 standards.

Electronic Batch Record (EBR) designed to collect, store and report on batch execution events

Enhanced digital signature functionality to facilitate validation in FDA regulated environments

Powerful reporting tools with access to recipes, equipment, procedures and operations, coupled with

Batch-to-Batch comparisons, golden batch reporting and batch exception reporting



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