Oil and Gas

Project Name Process Systems
Maersk, Qatar Tank Farm Siemens S7 -400 (Failsafe)
Siemens PCS7
Statoil Hydro, Norway Oil & Gas, Low Pressure Production Compressor Siemens S5
Siemens PCS7
Petrobrass, Brazil Deep Subsea Drilling Siemens PCS7 (Failsafe)
British Petroleum, UK Detail Engineering of Fire and Gas system Triconics
Laffans Petrochemicals, India Ethanol Column Automation Schneider Quantum
Vijeo Citect
National Crude Oil Company, UAE Automation of Crude Oil Pipeline Siemens PCS7
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia Tank Farm and Truck loading operation System TMS system (Custody Transfer System & ICS Triplex)
Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia Gas Compressor Unit, Cogeneration Unit Honeywell Safety Manager
Honeywell EPKS
Fujairah Refinery Company Limited, UAE Petroleum Refinery Schneider Quantum Vijeo Citect
Ras Gas, Qatar Up-gradation for Onshore,
Offshore and Blower system
Schneider Quantum
Unity Pro
Qatar Gas, Qatar Low Pressure Production compressor Tricon Controller 3008
Tristation 1131
Emerson DCS Delta
Statoil, Norway Chemical Injection
Oil Drilling and Piping
Siemens S7 (Fail Safe System)
Siemens S5
Statoil Offshore, Norway Deep Sub Sea System
Rig Management system
Siemens PCS7 System with SICOS Library
Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar Ethylene Plant Siemens PCS7
Yanpet Petrochemical Ltd, Saudi Arabia Ethylene Plant Honeywell EPKS
Saudi Aramco Total Petrochemical Company (SATROP), Saudi Arabia Petrochemical Refinery ( Mild Hydrocracking Process ) Invensys IA Series FOXBORO
Invensys Triconex ESD