Delivered! Automation System for a Wastewater treatment plant in New Zealand…


One of New Zealand’s leading district councils was using a pond based wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to treat wastewater from their region. Due to habitat growth in the area and changes to the discharge consent, the pond system needed to be upgraded. The effluent disinfection standard was higher and the biochemical oxygen demands (BOD5), total suspended solids (TSS), ammonia (NH3-N), and total nitrogen (TN) concentrations needed to be reduced. A detailed 3-stage upgrade plan was established to upgrade the system and automation mechanism from 2016 to 2030.

Sarla Technologies was entrusted to design the automation system for phase-1 of this super-critical project impacting human lives. We designed the PLC code of the solution, developed relevant SCADA screens and conducted FAT of the system. The system design was spread over 3 months of tight-scheduled design, development, and testing. Rockwell ControlLogix was the PLC while Wonderware InTouch was used to develop the SCADA and HMI screens.

Speaking at the occasion of this press release, Mr. Navneet Khanolkar, Head- Global Business Division, Sarla Technologies said, “We have executed more than 25 water treatment automation projects till date. Our Automation Engineers have rich experience in all variants of Rockwell PLCs and Wonderware SCADA applications. We carried this confidence while accepting this critical project. We were aware that the subsequent upgrades to the plant over the next decade will depend on the robustness, scalability, and modularity of design in the first phase. Hence, the criticality quotient was extremely high. I am glad that we could stand up to the customer’s expectations and infuse the right amount of confidence for subsequent releases.

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